Meter Performance Services Ltd

New consulting company specialising in all aspects of metering Electricity and Gas, working with clients round the world to improve interoperability and asset life by monitoring performance via device data and physical inspection.   


Who we are


Alun Buss

DLMS/COSEM practicioner 

Head End System/ MDMS operator

Asset analyst 

Software developer  


Carol Buss

Head End System/ MDMS operator 



Mike Buss 


Meter life cycle assurance analyst

Data Communications practicioner


Our Services

Smart Metering Consultancy - Electricity

MPS can assist in the specification and testing of electricity meters, ensuring that international standards are aligned with.         

Smart Metering Consultancy - Gas

MPS can assist in specification and test design of gas meters and volume converters, and are assisting a client with their need for UKCA marking of imported devices.   

Smart Meter Data Protocol assistance

MPS have developed some tools and have significant expertise in the development of DLMS/COSEM solutions for electricity and gas metering applications. 

System operations 

MPS provides operational reporting and support of a head end /meter data management system.  Thi  reviewing comms performance and other asset perfomance measures, and providing focussed reporting, allowing system users to better understand the operation of their assets.             

Asset Management

MPS have developed Asset Management documentation for clients to assist in development towards ISO 55000 System Compliance.  MPS staffers assisted in the creation of the original GB MAMCOP for utlity meter assets   

Comms Profiles 

MPS have developed profiles to aid interchangeability in the data exchange for meters and the rest of the IoT environment.  From SMETS1 to GBCS, up to recent developmens that are yet to be published by clients!